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sabato 26 marzo 2011

IXO Business Presentation video

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Imagine a restaurant that wants to increase its business and augment their customer base; throughout this interactive system they can launch an instant promotion applying a special discount to all of their frequent clients.
In Real-time promotion reaches millions of consumers in their city and/or area of activity, By receiving the promotion clients can join immediately and at the same time have automatically recharged their credit IXO Group telephone service.

But, how is it possible to reach so many consumers instantly in your own city?
IXO presents the first FREE Toolbar, where you’ll be receiving promotions in the city where the activity is taking place, auto recharging your telephone traffic access.
In fact, while receiving promotions in real time directly in the own PC

The Toolbar recharges and allows telephone traffic giving you the possibility to call, video conferencing, send SMS, messages, Totally FREE. All controlled directly from the Toolbar. But this is not over yet …

The telephone traffic credit can be accumulated and used to acquire any device or service offered by the IXO Group communication system!

But how is it possible to reach so many consumers instantly in your own city?

Thanks to the viral dissemination and the IXO referential system; it’ll make your friends and relatives install the Toolbar and increase your phone credit; The more Toolbars you install, the greater is the credit you’ll earner to use IXO telephone.
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